Up Close and Personal with Jennifer Rideout

“It has become a huge life changing experience for me! Not just the exercise portion but my eating habits and self esteem.”

My Stats

Kids:      Hayley Age 7; Hannah Age 5; Alexander Age 3; and William Age 3
Occupation:  Part-time Accounting Administrator /Full Time Mom
Start date:      January 2008
Inches lost:    36 inches since the Weight Loss Club (Jan 2008). I have dropped 8 dress sizes!
Pounds lost:   92 pounds!

Previous to joining Sisters in Fitness programs I had lost 45lbs then reached a plateau. I lost an additional 17lbs my first year with the SIF fitness program and have lost 30lbs with the weight loss program & classes. Total weight loss with SIF 47lbs (92lbs total)

My Perspective on Sister’s Steps to Success Weight Loss Club & Fitness Classes.

Personal Program Highlights
I love the variety of classes/programs offered and the advice/motivation from both Michelle and April and instructors.  It has helped me loose weight AND tone up, whereas, before I was trying on my own I was your “deflated balloon”.

Why it works?
It makes you feel like no matter how big you are you have the potential to be the size you want to be and do it in a healthy way.  I always have the sister’s words in my head  “there is no quick fix” but I think between the exercise program, weight loss and encouragement I always feel that I can do it if I work hard.  It is also a great group of ladies to work out with.  I feel comfortable in class and even though you do it for yourself and your family you are motivated to keep doing it because of how hard everyone else works.

Any words for new members?
I always thought that I was too big to work out with the “skinny” people.  I find your classes are geared for all shapes and sizes and they have become addictive!

Sister’s Steps to Success Weight Loss Club just adds to the results!