Up Close and Personal with Tina Hanlon

“I never thought eating so much food in one day would help me lose weight and now I eat more than I ever did and enjoying my new lifestyle”

My Stats

Start date with SIF Weight Loss Club:  Jan 28, 2009Inches lost :                                          16 3/4 inchesPounds Lost :                                         23 poundsClothes Size :                                         From size 13-15 to 7 (LOVING IT!!)

My Perspective on Sister’s Steps to Success Weight Loss Club

Personal Program HighlightsWhere do I begin, there were so many.  I enjoyed the informal get together with friends once a week to learn new topics about weight loss as well as chatting to one another about our strengths and weaknesses – it really helped.

Even though WL class was just 45 minutes weekly, I learned so much.  Some of the material provided was common sense, but when you actually give it 100%, results will prevail.The program helped me understand WL is not just about losing weight, it is about feeling good about yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  WL program helped me change my lifestyle.  It is not that I ate “bad”, or that I did not work out enough, I just did not eat enough throughout the day and for supper I would over eat and my metabolism just could not maintain my lifestyle.

It really does not take much to make a difference in your life, the main thing I learned was to be consistent and aim for reasonable goals.  Slow and steady win the race!

Why it works?It works because we had such great instructors/motivators…!    It works because the program is simple – it does not offer drastic life altering changes.  The program simply educates you on the common sense topics for healthy eating/drinking and focuses on the Canada Food Guide, just a few simple changes in your lifestyle can make a huge difference.  Just by drinking 8- 8oz glasses of water can account for an easy 10lbs!  Measuring foods to ensure you do not over eat can account for 6lbs (for me anyway)!

The weekly weigh ins and the periodic measurements are great tools to help keep us to stay motivated.

Any words for new members?It is easy to say you go to a weight loss program, or that you workout every night, but unless you give it 100% effort you will not see great results.

Sister’s Steps to Success Weight Loss Club is simple and it WORKS!!