Up Close and Personal with Tomi

My Stats

D.O.B.: Celebrating my 60th year
Personal Info: Live in C.B.S. with my husband. Our son & his wife live in Montreal.
Occupation: Retired Educator
Interests: I am a member of a book club, a choir, and play bridge
Started with SIF: 2 years ago but began exercising when I was 48 years old to hopefully prevent osteoporoses.

My Perspective on Sister’s Steps to Success Weight Loss Club

Step and Pump and Total Body Blast. I also attend Swim Fit Classes at the CBS Pool. I lift weights at home usually 3 times a week. I walk my dog daily.

Health Goals:
Good bones, good balance, stay healthy!

It is never too late to start exercising! I feel great and have loads of energy.

Tomi is a testament to the Sister’s fundamental messages

….. ”a positive attitude and approach to life creates a beautiful you ! ”