Up Close And Personal With Vicki Lush

My Stats

D.O.B.: May 26, 1976
Children: Two children (twins) aged 12 – Lucas and Hayley
Occupation: Accounts Payable Clerk with Transocean
Interests: Running, aerobics, reading, watching my kids at their activities
Started with SIF: First night they opened, January 12th, 2007

My Perspective on Sister’s In Fitness

I enjoy them all but my favorites are Cardio Kick Box, 20/20 Sculpt, Iron Woman …….LOVE THE RUNNING CLUB!!!!!

Original Goal:
Lose Weight, feel better about myself & lifestyle change.

Lost a total of 20.4 inches
Lost 6.25 inches off abdominal alone!
Lost 40 pounds

Vicki is a testament to the Sister’s fundamental message
….. ” Hard work pays off ! ”