A running coach helps you achieve your running goals, it’s a fact.

Plus, an ONLINE running coach helps you crush your running goals, no matter where you live!

Many runners mistakenly think a running coach is only meant for elite runners but let me tell you, that is SO far from true.

Every runner with goals deserves a running coach! YOU deserve a running coach!

“But why?” You might be asking.

“Why hire an online running coach? Is it worth the money? How can a running coach help me?”

Allow me to explain the important reasons that runners with goals should get a running coach to achieve and crush their goals.

Personalized Training Plans

Ever googled “5K training plan for beginners” or “half marathon training plan” to find a training plan?

It will probably get you across the finish line.

But what won’t it do?

It won’t address your individual goal. It won’t be customized to your experience. It won’t be tailored to help improve your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.

Basically: a cookie-cutter plan results in cookie-cutter results.

However, an online running coach assesses your goal, even if it is to learn how to run, could look at your years of experience, your current kilometer abilities, and much more, to create a beautiful, personalized plan meant just for you!

This is especially important for runners who aren’t sure what they’re doing.

You have great intentions, you work super hard, you Google answers to all your questions…. but….at the end of the day…. you aren’t sure what the right thing to do is. And that’s ok!

So, save yourself time. Save yourself frustration. Hire an online running coach.

Check-ins & Plan Adjustment

Speaking of not doing extra work, guess what else your running coach does for you?

Weekly training plan tweaking.

He/she assesses how your previous week went based on your feedback and adjusts as needed.

Why is this important?

Because stuff happens and you need to adjust accordingly. Workouts are too hard, too easy, not fun, etc. Or you tweak a muscle. Or you’re exhausted from the week.

Many blindly following training plans they have  found online, which again, were fine, but then something would go wrong and refuse to alter the plan.

Why? Because, quite frankly, they had no idea how to.

So, if you are a beginner, or have a specific running goal to hit, let a running coach assess your training plan for you each week!

Running Workouts that Fit Your Goal

There are all kinds of techniques besides just run!

 Tempo runs, hill workouts, negative splits and even long and short intervals.

And every week, running coach evaluating how your week went before giving you next week’s workout schedule. So, if long intervals at a (fast-for-me) pace were too hard they adjust.

Would you know how to adjust your workouts if something went wrong? If so, awesome! If not…. that’s another benefit of hiring a running coach.

Are you just starting out feel little scared then a running coach removes all that!


Some people love having an accountability partner.

Someone they know is paying attention. Someone who knows their goal, and how badly they want them.

Someone who will give them a little more encouragement when you slack

Sometimes friends can be that person. Or family.

But sometimes those people are too close to you to be truthful when you need brutal honesty. They just won’t have the heart to get you back on track.

BOOM. Enter: your running coach.

That’s part of her job! And she loves doing it, because she wants to see you hit your goal almost as much as you do.


This category is like accountability, but also happens when you’re doing everything right too (and not just when you’re messing up or slacking).

Like gazing at a motivational running quote, getting your running coach’s email with words of encouragement is like a beacon in your day. A light in a dark room.

Sometimes runners need to feel the energy and support to excel. And your running coach delivers that energy.

Race Day Strategy

Race day is coming! Race day is coming!

Whether it’s your first half marathon, your first try at a Boston Qualifying time, or your 20th 5K…you’re going to need a race strategy.


For many reasons, including:

  • To have a routine planned out and tested ahead of time (never do something new on race day, especially not trying new mid-run snacks)
  • To know how to keep nerves at bay. Runners get nervous before a race, especially a big one. Work with your coach to figure out how to go into the race your calmest self.
  • To know how to approach the race itself. Should you go out fast and then even out? Go out conservatively? How do I manage those hills? Your coach will help you answer all these questions (and more).

Do you want to perform your best on race day? Let a running coach help guide you.

Running Tips & Guidance

There are many things that can go wrong while training for a race.

But the point is – there’s a lot that can go wrong, and you may need help troubleshooting.


Gear issues.

Bad workouts.

It’s raining! What do I do? How do I run in the rain??

Figuring out how to run in the heat.

And snow…

Preventing running injuries.

But inevitably, you will need to bounce ideas off someone, or ask advice from a knowledgeable resource.

That person should be your online running coach! You can contact him/her online and usually get a response back quickly.

 Goal Development Assistance

This last one is something that a lot of runners don’t think about.

What does it mean, exactly?

It means having someone to help you develop your goals in a way that makes sense for you.

For example, you say you want to run a marathon in 3 months. Great!

Then you’re running coach asks how many miles per week you run right now, and you say 10.

**imagine big flashing warning lights going off**

Your running coach should then guide you to the right set of goals in support of your bigger goal (when you may not realize you even need it).

So, in this case…you probably need longer to prepare your body properly before trying a marathon in 3 months. Your running coach might suggest a 10K, then a half marathon first. Then spending 12-16 weeks training for a marathon.

And you know what? Often, that simple suggestion will make you more successful.

Maybe you didn’t realize you needed more time. That’s ok, that’s what a running coach is for – to assess your goal, the time frame, the requirements of the race, and your current status, and help determine realistic goals to keep you healthy and happy.