Anyone and everyone out there that is interested in hearing about my modest quest for a 100 mile Ultra Marathon….here is a glimpse of my reasoning, my inspiration, training etc…

My goal in life is to live each day to the fullest. This world is as big as you want it to be and I want my world to be enormous! I am grateful to be living and healthy.

I heard a saying recently,  ” the strongest character builders are created in the darkest of moments.” My father, suddenly passed away at age 37. My sister (April) reminds me through her life each and everyday that life is precious and live it, we are guaranteed today! Through them I have an appreciation of life that gives me the drive for adventure.

We all have a purpose I truly feel my purpose , what makes me truly happy is to encourage others. Therefore, I have a secret motivation…I am doing this so I can bring back all the stories , the lessons, so I can support others to TRY…..

I’m off to pack the suitcase. I look to blog and facebook updates throughout my run. I hear the scenery in Cotswold Way, Bath England is breathtaking and I will take in every second and share! I will bring you through wether I run, walk or crawl I know I will finish!

Thank you to all who helped in my training in Fitness classes: strength, yoga, zumba classes and running club. Bet many of you did not realize I too was learning from you….when it gets so hard and you want to stop what kept you going…I watched,I learned Thank you!

Thanks to my family for all their support in my “real” life and to my children who keep me pretty humble! They do not even notice I am going to run 160 kms they find it so hilarious I am in a tent 3 nights….go fiqure?

Blog you on Friday evening after day 1.

Michelle Porter