Bootcamp on the River

Is GUARANTEED to be a boot camp like no other! We are crossing over to adventure fitness and travelling to a variety of places on the river to ensure COVID safety that is simply AWESOME! Set yourself up with a great start to any day.

We will travel and train with full team of instructors through the magnificent areas on Manuel’s River and complete varied sections.

Largely focuses on:

progressive strength training techniques
metabolic training
cardiovascular training
motivational coaching
Your music will be the roar of the powerful river and your visual the Trees awakening for Spring. When various types of training are combined with a structured program, it creates an optimal environment for total body fat blasting work out and a healthy you!

Cross Training never looked like this!

You will train in all weather! Yes, you may at times get a little muddy and wet but you will be living life to the max! It’s addictive! No worries on getting cold you will be working too hard to get chilly!