Transformation Challenge – Take 3

Transformation Challenge – Take 2

Do you want to prevent disease, fight weight issues, optimize performance and most of all feel great? Check out our new and improved Transformation Challenge.

This is no fad, no gimmick, no supplements program!

We will be here 8 weeks to teach and support and help you lose it and most of all keep those pounds off! We are excited to witness YOU Transform!

Tired of those extra pounds and having no energy?

Now offering UNLIMITED classes and much more…

  • Attend fitness classes any night!
  • An individualized nutrition and fitness plan for your
  • Be provided with the newest research on disease prevention
  • Exclusive Access to Sisters in Fitness Transformation Challenge facebook page. Daily tips and encouragement will be provided along and a chance to ask questions.
  • Weekly weigh-in and monthly measurement
  • Home exercise plan
  • For the next 8 weeks, you have Sisters’ Fitness experts Michelle, April and Stephanie at your side helping you conquer the scale. For us this is more than helping participants flatten their bellies. We want to watch your confidence grow as you become a happier you. The energy and confidence that many women and men get when they start exercising often ripples into other areas of their lives and inspires them to make positive changes in their jobs, health or relationships. It’s the most rewarding part of our job.

3 reasons to join Transformation Challenge

You’ll remember…

Just how awesome you really are.
Nothing feels better than setting a goal and nailing it, and this challenge keeps you on track for a full 8 weeks.

The power to change is within you.
A goal is a dream with a deadline. Completing this challenge will remind you that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

There’s strength in numbers.
Being part of a group is motivating. Don’t underestimate the difference you make by encouraging others, and let them cheer for you too.

Wednesday Evening Transformation Challenge Sharing Session 
8:50pm – 9:20pm

Nutritional Component is based on Clean Eating and eating for your body type. Everyone will have a  nutrition program tailored specifically for them!

  • Get ready to eat clean and feel great!
  • Not only will you lose weight you will have stronger nails, glowing skin and healthy hair.
  • You will not feel hungry, it is not based on fads but scientific research.

Clean Eating is not just a diet it is a lifestyle. It’s not about denying yourself or going hungry. It’s about eating with thought and planning.” – Tosca Reno “The Clean Eating Diet”

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