Wisdom Warriors
A gentle practice for Baby Boomer Generation who want to improve their activity levels and build strength, balance, mobility and[...]
Core Strength Flow
This energizing class focuses on building strength and nurturing core strength. Explore what it means to move from the center[...]
Flow and Unwind
Join us for this After-Work Flow. Whether you are finishing a day at the office or ending a busy day[...]
Pilates Full Body
Each class will work to balance all muscle groups’ strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles[...]
Flex and Flow
Flex and Flow is a one-hour class for all levels designed to strengthen muscles, stretch the whole body, and improve[...]
Michelle’s Ultimate
Michelle’s Ultimate - “Mute Button OFF” Edition “Please everyone turn your MUTE button ON” made it to the top 10[...]
Yoga Rocks with Lights
Yoga Rocks, is a dynamic series of sequenced postures that seamlessly “flow” together by candle light. This vinyasa inspired class[...]
Unplug Reconnect Yoga
Phone calls, emails, text messages, all kinds of social could we not be more connected than ever before? Constant[...]
Get RIPPED ™ for 2022
Get RIPPED! is the critically acclaimed and best-selling total body workout system designed to maximize fat loss, burn calories and[...]