Arms and Abs
This class will take you through an upper-body workout using dumbbells, body bars, resistant bands and your own body weight.[...]
Boot Camp on the River
Is GUARANTEED to be a boot camp like no other! We are crossing over to adventure fitness that is simply[...]
Candlelight Yoga
Bring balance and focus to your day with this classical form of yoga. You will use a combination of conscious breath[...]
Find your Fire
Find Your Fire is another SIF Creation. In this fast paced STRENGTH class that puts you journey to move closer[...]
Michelle’s Ultimate
This 60-minute fast-paced class is a challenging and unique blend of aerobic & anaerobic conditioning. Join Michelle, inspired by 19[...]
Mindful Yoga
Together lets explore mindfulness and yoga to help cultivate a greater awareness of the breath, body, thoughts and emotions so[...]
Tabata Fat Blasting
Tabata HIIT  Bootcamp with Buns, Legs, Core and more - these are the areas you want to work and work you will[...]
Tabata + Arms & Abs
Awesome combo 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength! Great way to get it all done in one[...]
Yoga Lean
This class is designed for weight loss conscious yoga enthusiasts. Losing weight is a transformational process that involves the mind,[...]
Transformation Challenge – Take 3
Transformation Challenge - Take 2 Do you want to prevent disease, fight weight issues, optimize performance and most of all[...]