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Michelle’s Ultimate – “Mute Button OFF” Edition

“Please everyone turn your MUTE button ON” made it to the top 10 saying of the pandemic. Zoom will be remembered! I’m here to say turn that MUTE BUTTON OFF and let’s get loud , get motivated with power of people once again!

New format , with new specialty fitness trends disciplines added! Are you bored? Well join the fitness concert, you’re the show!

Michelle’s Ultimate has been a SOLD OUT program since it’s creation in 2014. it’s a collection of 7+ fitness and strength styles in one 60 min package. Join us in this fast-paced class which is challenging and unique blend of aerobic & anaerobic conditioning. Ultimate has reached “sold out” status in our location in Conception Bay South since 2014!

Join Michelle, as she reaches in the “tickle trunk” of 25 years of specialty group training expertise. Live Life Out Loud in Pound Rockout Workout, Cardio Kick, Cardio Dance, HIIT, Work your Weight, Butt and Abs, Kettlebells , Piloxing, Get Ripped , Body Bars & core and so much more!

Inspired by high-intensity, name the workout and it is achieved . Every class is different! Be prepared to be motivated and inspired, this class will give every body a full body workout.

Oh! did we forget to mention the playlist? It’s as important as the workout!