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Baby boomers led an unprecedented fitness revolution, into a kind of golden era of health, putting modern exercise on the map. The era of Jane Fonda & Suzanne Somers. The 1970’s was the revolution decade of the conception of “health clubs” and don’t forget SPANDEX came on the market. 

This generation is the hottest fitness trend in North America! 

Baby Boomer are still trailblazers,  they want to work on being healthy and fit well into their 50-60-70-80 ! There’s nothing stopping them!

Join Michelle in a unique edition of Ultimate in a blend of a variety of specialty fitness styles.  Ultimate has reached “sold out” status in our location in Conception Bay South since 2014!

Join Michelle, as she reaches in the “tickle trunk” of 25 years of specialty group training expertise . Live Life Out Loud in Pound Rockout Workout, Cardio Kick, Cardio Dance, HIIT, Work your Weight, Butt and Abs, Kettlebells , Get Ripped , Body Bars & Power Yoga , Core and so much more!

Every class is different!

Be prepared to be motivated and inspired, this class will give every body a full body workout.Oh did we forget to mention the music playlist? It’s as important as the workout!