This vinyasa inspired class is designed to make you sweat, take off unwanted pounds and burn away toxins. If you’’re looking for an eye-opening, fun-loving, high voltage, energetic yoga class, this is where you belong.

The Ultimate Recovery , Yoga Strength Flows and Stretch Class research shows that the better your body recovers, the better your body performs and feels!

This class is a “physical therapy” session of strength and stretching that combines various elements to help your body build and heal from high impact , high repetition activity ( hiking, swimming, cycling , running) or SITTING long periods of time . By repairing and building your body through yoga flows and dynamic stretching. You will be amazed how your body will feel and the improvements with mobility and decreasing aches and pains which much of our population live with daily.

Please understand that in every class you move at your own pace. Come join in! Oh, only one requirement you have to like classic soft rock tunes !

This class is full positive energy class!