Pricing & Payment Information | 8 Weeks

Fitness Classes:

The more Fitness Classes you take  – the Bigger the Discount!!

#Classes / WeekCost per ClassCost / 2 Equal PymtsTotal Cost / 10 Weeks

(Note: discount does not apply to  Boot Camp, Michelle’s Ultimate, and All Yoga Classes)
*All class prices have tax included.

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Other Classes:

Yoga classes
Cost: $100 (tax Included)
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Boot Camp on the River is now a discounted class see chart ab0ve!
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Michelle’s Ultimate:
Cost: $100 (tax Included)
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Summer Fit:
Cost: $100 (tax Included)
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 Transformation Challenge:
Cost: $300 (tax Included) WOW 2 free weeks for summer a $75 discount
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Payment Options:

1. Pay by Email
Send your payment by email to april

Use only the following security questions:

Q    What is the Sisters last name?
A     Porter
Q    What community do classes take place?
A    CBS
Q    What year did SIF open for business?
A     2007

2. Drop of Payment (Cash / Cheque) on Payment Night (cheques payable to Sisters in Fitness)
Wednesday | June 28th | 6:30-8:00pm | CBS Rec Complex

3. SIF Payment Plan
First 1/2 of registration fee must be paid by June 28th and the remainder by post-dated cheque for July 28th.

If payment is not received by payment night your space will go to  a wait list member.