Jennifer Murphy

I started running in September 2008. It was a great idea that my sister law, Julie came up with as she told me we both needed to loose a few pounds.

Great Idea!!!

It was easy right from the start because it was far from easy. But I knew I needed to do this for me and I convinced myself it would get better with time. Today I love to run. I cannot imagine my life without it.

I am a wife to Paddy and a proud mother and stepmother to Genevieve, Jonathan, Andrew and Tommy.

I can honestly say I am proud to tell anyone my age, I just turned 40 and I feel younger today then I did when I was 20!

For all those runners I have instructed – Thank You! You are my true reason that I love running more and more with each passing day. I learn just as much or more from you as I do from my own runs. I love the running and chatting with such a great running group. We are all like family after the first run together. I love it!!!

I have accomplished so much through running. When I first started I have to admit it was solely to lose weight, but now it’s just about staying healthy. I have met so many great people through running and am proud to say, I consider each and every one of them a friend.

Jennifer has completed many races from Tely 10, Soriee 8k, Huffin Puffin, Cape to Cabot, Disney ½ Marathon, Bluenose ½ Marathon to name a few.

Michelle Porter says…“Jennifer’s 1st week of LTR program, I vividly remember her dragging her legs\feet. She was experiencing a very common challenge to many new runners, “heavy legs.” I had never seen it to this extent before as Jennifer literally came from the couch to a running program. At the very end of that run she looked at me and said “I am doing this, I am going to learn how to run.” Her sheer determination was my first true experience with the power of the mind, you set the goal, want it, anything is possible!”

Jennifer Murphy - SIF