Michelle Porter


I reminisce and giggle remembering my father’s 1st question to the new friends I brought to the supper table as a child, “So who are you? Who do you belong to?” In reflection I now realize being from small town Newfoundland, everybody looks for a connection, a story. It was valuable life lesson, let’s find a connection.

Today, I realize the curiosity to connect can be as simple and as powerful as looking for common denominator, change, new goals, interest in being active.  We simply want to connect, create a bond!

Therefore, let me begin, I am a Fish Filleter’s daughter, my name is Dorothy Michelle Porter (1971), parents are Ruth Porter Hart (St. John’s) and Rick Porter (1948-1985)( Foxtrap, Conception Bay South). My paternal grandmother, Dorothy Porter (Gambo), the greatest influence of my life. My maternal grandparents, Samuelson and Purcell, were of “athletic stock” and commonly heard names in the St. John’s sports community.

I am an Irish twin (siblings born the same year) to April Porter Crews, who shows me every day the true meaning of courage! I’m the January arrival and April the December. I am the mother of 2 children Kathleen (1994) and Ricky (2002) Drover who are my pride and joy. My husband is Russ Peach who is my greatest supporter. Consequently, if you call my home and answer machine says you have the Drover-Porter- Peach residence, you got the right number!


1st experience with running was as a young athlete hearing a coach yelling on the sidelines to do more field sprints. It was complete torture! # 1 Piece of advice, Forget your 1st running experience.

2nd experience with running was the treadmill. I took a payment plan to purchase in search of my savior to weight maintenance “miracle” forever.  Ironically, the miracle turned into a coat rack!

3rd experience with running was after starting Sister in Fitness (group fitness classes) we launched our first Tely 10 running 8 week training plan. We contracted Jill Whittle Callan to facilitate and deliver our 1st running program. I thought well I will help and joined assisting Learn to Run. Yeah I could swing this, no sweat, and I instructed strength and cardio classes since 1995. Little did I know they would increase to 16klms! I was a fake and I struggled! I literally remember sneaking off the path in Octagon Pond for to just gasp for air in private.

Something of a miracle happened; Tely 10 2007 I pinned on a race bib! I was hooked!

The rest literally has been one wonderful, amazing experience, run, person and running trip. I looked to attract others to this wonderful, fulfilling healthy lifestyle.


I am a middle of the pack runner watching person after person change their lives! I have the best motivational recipe to last me a lifetime, YOU! Many runners think of time, pace I think how I can get YOU to that early morning run. I am witnessing people change their lives everyday! I have the best job in this whole world! Picture this, 6 year old little boy standing on side of road jumping up and down cheering with a sign “Run Mommy Run.” That is my job, I am very grateful!

I run many races and I can always glance to see runners that I have encouraged and introduced to the wonder of running and watch them reach goals they never thought possible. For me, that is my medal! Their reactions and celebrations just want to push to go get more join this life changing movement.

I am motivator; I will show you the road of confidence and belief. I will provide and instill a very clear message; no matter what the obstacles we will do this, together! I will take “CAN’T” out of your vocabulary! You will surpass all you thought ever could be possible!

In my downtime, you can find me working in my flower and vegetable gardens and reading, reading and more reading (nonfiction). I also have a great passion for volunteering and giving back to my community. I am a true believer in Karma, “you get what you give!” Did I forget to mention, us runners we get more done in our day! We are driven, focused, organized and goal oriented people. We have energy to burn!

In your running journey always remember “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill


Completed a broad list of races with club members (5k, 8k, 10k, 16k, 21.1k & 42.2, 160klm(Ultra), team relay, fun run charitable events). Favorite personal distance is the marathon. To date completed 13 marathons (Halifax, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Florida, Ottawa, St. John’s). Ultra Marathon (160 klms) August 2013 in Cotwold Way , Bath,  England.

Certifications include an extensive list of fitness training since 1995 starting with Newfoundland and Labrador National Fitness Program, Can Fit Pro, Zumba, Yoga Fit, Pound, Piloxing to name a few. Instructs a variety of fitness classes from Super Step, Body Sculpting, H.I.T.T. (Interval Training), Ab Blaster, Fitness 50+, Bar Burn, Butt & Abs, Boot Camp, Pilates, Cardio Kick Box, Salsa, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Zumbatomic, Power Challenge, Iron Woman, 20-20 Sculpt, Bar Explosion, Armed and Dangerous, Cardio Abs, Results 321, Yoga Melt, Yoga for Runners.

August 2014 completed Healthy Running Medical Education in Boston , Massachusetts with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Clinic covered advanced running form, strength training, range of motion, aerobic development, motor skill development, injury assessment and treatment, and running shoe prescription.

March 2012, travelled to Atlanta, Georgia and completed Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Running Coaches Certification. RRCA provided certification that focused on specific body of knowledge on sports science, training methods, coaching fundamentals, and professional conduct and ethics for course of distance runners 5k through to marathon runners.

August 2015, Toronto – “Core” Training for Distance Runners- Merrith“If you fall off get back on, if you fall off again get back on again… You are a success if you never stop getting back on.”

I am a middle of the pack runner watching person after person change their lives!