Renee Roule

My running journey began in 2000 with the beginning of a new millennium and a new lifestyle.  As a teen I was active and loved to play softball but never really had any desire or inclination to run.  Growing up in a small town, running was strictly a necessity and certainly not a means of exercise!

I actually began to run VERY slowly in an effort to quit smoking.  When I began to run…ok slow jog .. I ran for 1 minute and walked for 1.  I remember running through the trails and how hard it was and how my lungs were screaming for air but the feeling of accomplishment at the end was so awesome!   I ran only 1/2 a kilometre in total that day but the feeling was unforgettable.  Although it was extremely hard, I felt such exhilaration when finished and I didn’t want to stop.  I tried to quit smoking numerous times but a few weeks after beginning to run I knew I had to make a choice as I couldn’t do both.   I am so thankful my love of running overcame my desire to smoke..YAY!

In 2000 I ran/walked my first Tely 10.  What a feeling!  I was hooked… But this time in such a healthier way and I haven’t looked back.  I have ran the Tely 10 every year since with the exception of 2005 when my twins were born. My children are now almost 11, have been at every finish line, and are my most avid supporters.   In 2015 my little supporters were there to greet me at the finish line of my Third Half marathon, my first full marathon and my 15th Tely 10!  My proudest moment though is yet to come!  I look forward to the day when we can cross the finish line together.  I hope to motivate them by setting an example and to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.

For many years I ran solo with my running partners being my dog and my iPod.  In 2013 I joined Sisters in Fitness and am so glad I joined as I love running with the SIF group.  There is such a feeling of comradery and encouragement within the group.  I enjoy running, chatting and listening to all the members as everyone has such an interesting story to tell…and I haven’t used my iPod since!

Renee Roule | SIF