Thea Baird

To get your attention I thought is suitable to start with Thea’s race accomplishments before reading her inspirational running journey.

Michelle Porter


  • Kelligrews Soiree 8k 2012 – 2nd place (2012), 1st place (2011 & 2010)
  • Coleman’s 1/2 Marathon, Corner Brook-1st place (2012).
  • Tely 10 -3rd place in age category,
  • Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon -3rd place- 2013
  • Toronto Good Life Full Marathon- 1st marathon time 3:45
  • Bluenose, Halifax 10k- 9th placement in with 1791 runners.
  • Other races include: Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (2012, 2013), Cape to Cabot, Mews 8km run, and the Huffin Puffin Team Relay


I started SIF Running Club in the spring of 2009. I was just after having my beautiful daughter Keira in July of 2008 and still had some baby weight left to get off. A friend told me about this wonderful group and encouraged me to join. Following her advice I joined the group.

I started off trying run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute.  I came from a high school cross country background so for me it was running from Point A to Point B with no break and giving it your all – hence the run walk method was foreign to me.

The following week I went to 10 and 1 and tried the 1 min walk break and started to see the benefits of the walk break.  It took away any buildup of lactic acid and I felt stronger. I discovered how to control my breathing and relax while running; it was no longer a race.

I found the instructors were awesome and had really great tips on running. As time went by I was developing my skills and was asked to become a running instructor. I was honoured to do it.

People may find me somewhat intimidating because I have a faster pace. Some people have a nickname on me – grass hopper or road runner – I laugh at both. The nick names don’t stop me from passing along my experiences and tips, helping the members get through their runs. To see the members smile after they completed a run to know I helped them get through it really makes me happy to be an instructor.

I love motivating people and helping them accomplish their goals when they feel that they cannot do it.

I would love to go to every run and meet new people, hear their stories and see their success. I too am human and I have no problems telling the members when I struggle. So I know I have to be strong to get them through and myself through. It is all a mental game.

After conquering my all-time goal of the Tely I knew I could do anything.

I actually did my personal best of 21 km’s first in 2 hours and felt great. When it was time to do the Tely I was prepared and excited. I learned a valuable lesson the first year I ran the Tely “don’t always listen to other runners about the course you will be running. I was waiting for the hill till the finish line!”

I held back. But the next year I gave it my all and placed third in my age category. Our two Sisters in Fitness Teams placed. It was an awesome experience. So after the Tely I had to set my sights on something bigger so I already did a half marathon, let’s do a full.

Group SIF runners trained for the full marathon and that was a new stage of running for me. I cross trained & was in the best shape of my life. I had no race time in mind I just wanted to complete it. Race day came and then it was over. I crossed the finish and it was the best feeling ever.

Then I watched my fellow group cross the line.

I was so overcome with joy…it was amazing. Watching little children cross the line with parents is a memory to cherish and next time I do a marathon I hope I can cross the line with my daughter.

Running has changed my life so much. I feel great and it is the best stress reliever out there. I have even passed on some running tips to people at my work. People have been inspired and want to hear about my experiences. I want to be a good role model for my daughter and my husband. I believe I have accomplished that and am very proud of my accomplishments. I am grateful for all of my new friends I have made, the knowledge I now have, and the experiences I will never forget.

I really want to thank Sisters in Fitness Running Club for the great support and wonderful experiences that I have had. These have been some of the best years of my life and I hope to continue running until I can’t run anymore.

Once I knew I had the running down I then stepped up my game and became a Group Fitness Class Instructor and I now teach cardio and toning classes with SIF. I have completed certifications with Can Fit Pro, YogaFit and all styles of Zumba.

I Love every moment and wouldn’t change a thing.

Between teaching running, fitness classes, full time job, mommy and wife things are busy and exciting. I would recommend SIF Running Club to anyone who wants to get out and be social and concentrate on their health. It’s the best place to be!

I was so overcome with joy…it was amazing. Watching little children cross the line with parents is a memory to cherish and next time I do a marathon I hope I can cross the line with my daughter.