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Stacey & Brian
Meet Stacey and Brian! Combined 90 pound weight Loss and Down 50 inches! Here is a glimpse of their journey......[...]
Jennifer Rideout
Up Close and Personal with Jennifer Rideout “It has become a huge life changing experience for me! Not just the[...]
Tina Hanlon
Up Close and Personal with Tina Hanlon “I never thought eating so much food in one day would help me lose[...]
Up Close and Personal with Tomi   My Stats D.O.B.: Celebrating my 60th year Personal Info: Live in C.B.S. with[...]
Vicki Lush
Up Close And Personal With Vicki Lush My Stats D.O.B.: May 26, 1976 Children: Two children (twins) aged 12 - Lucas and[...]