Pricing & Payment Information | 8 Weeks

NEW Pricing System!!!

Bulk discount applies to ALL classes

The more Fitness Classes you take  – the Bigger the Discount!!  Bulk Discount Applies to ALL classes

#Classes / WeekCost per Class Cost / Month
Total Cost / 8 Weeks + Tax
 1$8.75$35$70 + tax
 2$7.50$60$120 + tax
 3$7.00$84$168 + tax
 4$7.00$112$224 + tax

*HST will be added to all payments.

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Unlimited Yoga/Pilates Special

Cost $21/week, $84/month, $168 + tax


Transformation Challenge Take 3

Cost: $32.50/week, 130/month, $260 + tax ( Including unlimited classes, nutrition and exercise plan for your body type, weigh ins, private chat group,  and much more)

Space is limited we are taking a maximum of 25 members in each class.

Payment Options:

1. Pay by credit card and visa debit through the online registration procedure. ( VERY IMPORTANT when filling in credit card info you are prompted for county LEAVE IT BLANK)

2. Registration ( in person) and Payment by (e-transfer / Cash / Cheque)  please email or pay in person to one of your instructors.


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