Pricing & Payment 6 weeks

We had to change our pricing system slightly due to Covid capacity rules. Price shop comparison with local Fitness and Yoga Studio’s identified that we remain 30% lower than our competitors. As most businesses we have incurred extra costs and 50% less revenue. These price changes will hopefully help us continue to offer specialty programming in CBS.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support

Based on 6 Week Registration

In-Studio Classes

$10 + HST/ class/ week

$60 + HST/class/6 weeks

In Studio Members Only may receive  50% off 1 outdoor class.

1 Outdoor Class (Bootcamp on the River (BCOR), Adventure BC or hiking yoga)

$10 + tax/week

$60+ tax/6 week

Unlimited Outdoor Classes in CBS ( Includes 2 BCOR, 2 Adventure BC and 1 Hiking Yoga per week)

$25 + tax/week

$150+ tax/6 weeks

The Ultimate Outdoor Package ( Includes all 8 Adventure BC and 2 Hiking Yoga’s in CBS and Paradise locations)

$35 + tax / week

$210 + Tax/ 6 weeks

Payment Options

Credit Card Through Online Registration System.

Note: When inputting demographic information make sure to leave County/State blank. Many misread for Country and the system interprets CA as California and you will receive an error message.

2.  Pay by Email
Send your payment by email to april

Use only the following security questions:

Q    What is the Sisters last name?
A     Porter
Q    What community do classes take place?
A    CBS
Q    What year did SIF open for business?
A     2007

3. SIF Payment Plan
Please contact we have no problem setting up a payment plan that meet your needs.

Please have all payments made by Sunday, May 9th 2021

*HST will be added to all payments

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