Half marathons (21.1 kms) are becoming Canadians largest growing race distance. With the United States seeing a 24% increase, bringing a grand total of 1.4 billion participants in 2012.

Fortunately, in our province of Newfoundland and Labrador it is our experience that many runners are not intimidated with ½ marathon distances. Thank you Tely 10! You are right – if you can do 10 miles (16kms) you are indeed in the ball park of ½ marathon goals!

Our members’ top reasons for choosing 1/2 marathon training:

  1. It’s the next step, next distance, the next personal goal.
  2. They want to see what it feels like to train for and run an endurance event.
  3. A training schedule that can work in our busy lives and not monopolize your life!

At Sisters in Fitness Running Club we witness a multitude of runners achieve a ½ marathon healthy and happy!

The ½ marathon “middle distance” runner is the area in which we flourish, aiding runners seeking “personal bests.”

In this program we offer various levels, whether it could be to finish your 1st ½ marathon to seeking “sharpening’ programs that include, tempo, fartlek, hill repeats etc….

The training for a half marathon requires that you run at least three days a week, 1 cross training day with one of those runs being your long training run.

Your long run will gradually increase during the training, topping out at 16 to 19 miles.

Program Details:

Start Date:
April 15 – June 7 2023 (8 week Session)
Program Cost: $120 + HST

Program Schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:30pm – Hills/Tempo (all levels) in 3 locations – Mount Pearl, CBS & Paradise
  • Wednesday 6:30pm – Paradise & Conception Bay South
  • Saturday 8:30am – A variety of beautiful routes throughout St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Paradise & CBS 

Schedule will be provided at first session.