If you’ve never run before, or you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ and want to get back on – this is the program for you!

Sisters in Fitness (SIF) Running Club has successfully trained 1000’s of runners to make the first important step, start! Our Learn to Run program is a tremendous focus for our club. The fundamentals are a concentration of a high number of running instructors surrounding you consistently, every run with guidance and support.

SIF Running Club # 1 Rule – we never, ever leave a runner behind, no runner is ever too slow. We truly are in this together! Our Learn to Run program structure is created with “fitness group” motivation mentality and it works in creating the basis of a strong positive thought process that is essential in long-term lifetime of running.“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham

What is the Learn to Run (LTR) Program?

The Learn to Run (LTR) program follows a walk\run ratio program. The gradual progression in which the walking time decreases as the running time slowly increases. Also, in LTR we focus on time running not distance. Your pace\speed is irrelevant at this stage; our focus is to expose you to the beautiful world of running with no unneeded pressure!

We LOVE new runners!

At Sisters in Fitness Running Club we acknowledge new runners are wonderful, unique people whose development occurs at different rates. SIF programs are not set in stone and we are proud to boost our club is flexible. We monitor our new runners carefully! For example, consistently we could have a group stay on Run 3 minutes; walk 1 min for 3 weeks! Again, our club has proved over and over again a healthy, positive, comfortable, environment produces successful, lasting runners!

Program Details:

Start Date: Sept 6 – Oct 31 2023

Program Schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:30pm – Hills/Tempo (all levels)
  • Wednesday 6:30pm
  • Thursday 6:30pm
  • Saturday 8:30am – A variety of beautiful routes throughout St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Paradise & CBS 

Schedule provided at first session