Coaching Consult Calls Video + Tailored Training Plan

Are you simply looking to get set up for success with an assessment and tailored running plan? Then this program is for you!

This program offers 45-minute videocall for clients one-on-one to discuss goals, training, race strategy, learn to run, race-day nutrition, etc.  These must be pre-paid and scheduled virtual appointment convenient for client.

You then in 48-72 hours receive:

Tailored Training Plans -an entire training plan for a predetermined period from start to finish.  The tailored plan for you, will combine all the collective information you have provided us  , for example, what you have been doing in training, the days that work best for you to train, the date(s) and distance(s) of your goal race(s), and your goals for the race. We use this information to tailor a plan for you.

Plan is presented with a 30-minute call or video discussion explaining all program specifications.

Please register for this online program by completing and submitting the form below. After registering submit your payment of $150 by etransfer to

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