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Join the Sisters in Fitness Running Program!

Our program will provide you with a strong foundation to develop and\or maintain the runner in you! Our running team of leaders is where we are different. We train runners in a team like atmosphere that supports guides and motivates to guarantee your success. Celebrating our 12th Year and witnessing 1000’s reach personal goals

Who can be a part of the Running Club?

•  Men and Women
•  Minimum age 12
•  Clients with desire to be a runner
•  Sports Groups
•  People looking for an alternate form of fitness
•  Want to participate in runs like the Tely 10.
•  A form of exercise that is productive fun for couples
•  People looking for proper running techniques
•  People looking for a social and healthy activity
•  Our Program is not discriminatory to age, never too old to start !
•  Our Program is tailored to your own individual needs!
•  Our Program provides the tools to make running physically enjoyable.
•  Anyone looking for a form of exercise & healthy living with flexibility for busy schedules & family life.

Anyone can be a runner!

Program Includes:

  • 2 Locations – 1 Club! Conception Bay South and Mount Pearl\Paradise
  • Scheduled Runs per week with Instructor Team on various running trails and routes throughout C.B.S. and Mt. Pearl\Paradise.
  • 2  Clinic Workshops (1.5 hours)
  • 2 Yoga for Runners Sessions- Instructor Michelle Porter
  • Tuesday Trail\Hill\Stair Night – for all levels
  • Wherever possible, non-lead sub groups will be organized at different times to accommodate individual schedules.
  • Training manual
  • Motivation and monitoring of progress
  • Opportunity to meet new friends and develop running buddies
  • Program tailored for Beginners and Intermediate Runners
  • Spring Programs and instructional support provided for Learn to Run, 10 K, Tely 10 (10 miles) 1/2 Marathon training

Lecture Clinic Topics:

•  Proper Running Techniques
•  Breathing
•  Stretching
•  Intensifying Your Run
•  Increasing Distance
•  Tackling Hills
•  Fartlek Training Method
•  Motivation- “Power to Change”
•  Injury Prevention
•  Running Nutrition
•  Hydration
•  Weight Loss
•  Strength and Cross Training

All Sisters in Fitness Running Programs also include:
A variety of guest speakers on a range of Running Topics, Motivational Stories and Experiences.

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