April Porter Crews

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I was born in 1971 and raised in Foxtrap, Conception Bay South by Ruth and Rick Porter. Thankfully, I had the most humble beginning that taught me all about love, kindness, and that anything was possible with hard work.

April-2I graduated high school from Holy Spirit and headed to Memorial University to attain a Bachelor of Science Degree followed by a Bachelor of Secondary Education and finally a Masters in Education in Counselling Psychology.  I worked as a Junior High teacher for 7 years and moved on to become a school counsellor for the past ten years. As a high school counsellor I feel so grateful to young people for sharing their stories and trusting me to give them guidance.  Through every story I hear I gain a new perspective on life and learn through them. This truly is an amazing gift!

I am the mother of two wonderfully active boys Noah (2002) and Joel (2005). Michelle often comments “ April, your house is like a circus” . I just hope I survive raising them..haha.  I married the love of my life, Doug Crews in 1994 and together we have created a beautiful life. My mother, Ruth Porter Hart is an inspiration as a runner and Yoga lover. She ran a marathon at 60 years of age and many races since.

Michelle and I were born Irish twins, meaning our births were in the same year. Michelle was born in January and I came along the following December. My Mom says she went back for her post pregnancy checkup and was pregnant with me. What a shock that must have been!!  What a blessing in life to have a sister as special as Michelle. There isn’t too much we do without each other. So it was fitting that Michelle convinced me to start the adventure of Sisters in Fitness.  Michelle has always been the adventurous one and I practical and dependable. If someone asks me about my sister I always say “Well I like to have a good time but my sister she likes to have a REALLY good time” LOL. Together we make the perfect fit! I will be forever grateful for her support and encouragement.

My fitness journey started at birth.

My grandmother said she never saw me walk I always ran ( and I wonder where my boys get it from ..lol). I played all kinds of sports through school my favorite being soccer and volleyball.  After finishing High school I became less active and ate lots of takeout and, therefore, gained 15 to 20 pounds. I made up my mind one day that I had enough of feeling bad about my body.

I decided to join New World Fitness and fell in love. I was addicted to step aerobics attending the 6 pm class at least 5 days per week. Including wearing a thong up my Butt for everyone to see (those of you who worked out in the 90’s know exactly what I’m talking about, I had one in every color )  I was a cardio junky!  I did this for many years before I realized I needed to incorporate strength training into my workouts. I fell in love and I noticed changes in my body that cardio never gave me. I liked it!

April banner 2

Then children came along and my life turned upside down. I gained 60 and 50 lbs respectively on each child. My husband admitted to me after I lost the weight, thankfully for him, “April, I never thought you would be small again” . Well I did lose the weight because I worked out like crazy and cleaned up my diet.

It’s definitely harder to fit exercise into life and juggle the demand of a small family and work but it’s doable. It will make you a better employee, parent and wife. I no longer had time for two hour workouts 5 days per week and the trek to gyms in St. John’s was impossible. I needed to rethink how I was going to achieve my fitness goals. This is how Sisters in Fitness evolved.

There were many women in CBS just like Michelle and I who wanted a place close to home where they could work out. We have accomplished this goal and so much more. It has been a gift to help so many women reach their health and fitness goals.

Even in stressful times or when I am extra busy I have to fit exercise into my schedule. It is really like a drug for me, I need it to feel good both physically and mentally.

Activity has to be a life-long commitment.

TubeYou never reach the end you must do it forever. That’s why you must find something you enjoy doing. If you enjoy what you are doing then you are going to last. So try everything, experiment, there is something for you. I love to garden, go for nature walks, swim and waterski, all great workouts! Whenever you can get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer.

I have many certifications as a fitness instructor I started in 1996 and have been completing courses and have taught many different types of fitness classes. I love learning about all genres of fitness it’s a hobby of mine. I read all the newest books to keep myself current in new practices.

Currently, I am a yoga student and attending my 4th certification this coming fall. Yoga is a humbling endeavor. The more you learn the more you realize what you need to learn. You is about “Enjoying the journey and not the destination”. I am enjoying the Journey.

Life can be hard and it is often not fair. I am not sure why this is the case. However, I believe “You are given no more than you can handle”. You will be given enough courage and strength to handle each day but not enough to handle tomorrows. Live in the moment, make the best of every day, appreciate the small things like the smell of the trees and water, laughter of a loved one, and a simple kiss of your child or spouse.

Be grateful for everything!