Michelle Porter

I’m  Michelle Porter (1971), Sisters in Fitness co-owner / instructor. This is my life, my passion, my excitement, my purpose, my pride, my blessing, my spirit.

“Choose a job you love and never work a day in your life.” Confucius.

Recently, I wrote about myself in a bio on our SIF Running Club site. So let’s not repeat all that info about me. Honestly, if I am privileged for you to take time out of your busy life to reading it (thank you), realize it is not about me or any trainer, it is about YOU!

zumba-colourEWhat can I bring to you that will motivate you to achieve all your dreams, hopes and goals? I give one certainty; my fulfillment personally is attained by helping motivate others to reach their goals, you are indeed my high! My personal mandate is steadfast and I continue to seek  fitness courses and certifications to provide our clients significant variety.

“There is no finish line, just keep going” Demi Lovato

Let’s cut to the chase….lay all the cards on the table. So she does running club, fitness classes, Transformation Challenge (weight management) what is it, how can you be good at all of them equally?

Remember, my strength is motivating you, providing a variety of tools to ensure perseverance and consistency. I love it all if it helps you become healthier, happier! The more I can bring to you the chances are you will find something you like! (shhhhhh no telling the runners but I know I most likely demonstrate my finest moments instructing group fitness with 18 years’ experience and training.)

Methods to get fit is not a cookie cutter. We are all unique, our journeys differ, circumstances, therefore, as your trainer I seek further and listen more.  I have a huge tickle trunk to motivate each and every one in various forms (Yes, my insomnia peeks sometimes, seeing your faces and coming up with ways to get you to succeed in class!) In recent years, from surrounding myself with brilliant trainers and clients success triumphs, I realize “the more you know the more you realize you don’t know.”

If you met me, a Foxtrapper, as little as 10 years ago you would not recognize me! I never finished anything I started; it only took me 38 years to figure out “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” Beverly Stills. Sisters in Fitness changed my life physically, mentally and personally.

I have removed the “I can’t” out of my vocabulary or the “could of, should of, would of”…..I am a doer, goal setter; join me in my classes I’ll teach YOU too! “ Anything is possible if you try.” Terry Fox (my idol, my mantra, my inspiration)


I have been blessed witnessing 1000’s achieve. I set a positive environment 100%, every minute you are with me. That is my guarantee, our clients deserve it! You will be entering an environment of encouragement and support, the vital component needed to succeed. Get ready for positivity! (Did I mention I did sales and public relations work prior to SIF? So here I am selling again…some things never change!)

If you got time (I know, who got time?) You can take a glance through our class descriptions. I teach every discipline we offer in fitness. I set goals that I am on a constant learning curve, no mistaking this fitness world changes quickly and I get so excited with new fitness crazes. I excel when I have to work hard on learning new fitness styles and travel to courses, place myself in positions that I am not the best. On the contrary. For example, travelling to Florida to get certified in Zumba while surrounded by Latinos (my hips can’t do that but after 2 months practicing in a mirror I did pull somewhat a hip move) or Toronto with Yoga instructors who turn them inside out while I struggled with maintaining Warrior 1  and the time I traveled to Atlanta, for a running coaching certification and class mates were some of the top trainers in their country.

I would not change those experiences for anything in the world, because it assists me to continue to relate to my clients, it is about getting out of the comfort zone, the box, duck out of water! Then when you take it and learn it the reward is overwhelming to bring back to clients. It keeps me real and humble.

I have one quality and characteristic as a trainer I know confidently is beneficial, I never forgot which brings me to the most important question. Why come and take in one of my classes?

Simply because “I’ve been there”.

I have been that person who entered a fitness class and been intimidated. I have been that person questioning what am I doing with these bars, bands, weights, ripstix, and Zumba sticks? I have been that person trying to lose those 25 pounds. I have been that yo-yo dieter. I have been that Cardio- Junkie with no strength training I have been that woman questioning is this baby fat ever going to come off. I know how it feels to suck air, I have been that person who reached a plateau and needed an extra kick to get the results moving again. I have been that person proclaiming I do not have the time. I have been that person too embarrassed to try again after falling off the wagon yet again. I have been that person bored in unexciting fitness routines. Does any of this sound familiar?

Let us help you get and stay motivated. Inspiration comes in many forms, and with our diverse background we have developed an innovative fitness programs to reach your needs and goals. Our program creates a supportive environment where you will excel physically and develop a positive attitude in all aspects of your life.

Let’s get moving!


Here’s a glimpse of my journey since opening SIF with my sister on January 12, 2007….

  • SIF became my full time career.
  • I became a runner, completed vast number of runs and races and 9 marathons (various Canadian and USA destinations) and a 100 mile (160 klms)4 day trail ultra-marathon, England, August 2013. More importantly, helped many people put on their first BIB #.
  • We have developed a Fitness Instructor Team of 13 all of which were participants in our classes! Except Donna Motty, she hired me in 1995, my 1st fitness instructor position! Karma is a beautiful thing!
  • Witnessing every day the power of hard work over and over again with clients. I have created a constant motivational recipe! My clients!
  • Drove in strange, large cities like Toronto, Chicago, and Miami. Not bad for a small town girl who remembers the 1st traffic lights going up in Manuels , CBS.
  • Started Sisters in Fitness Running Club which started with 22 members and have had the wonderful experience of in total 52 running Instructors join me in helping others since opening our doors. We register approximately 1000 runners each year. Also, have expanded to St. John’s region in 2013.
  • Grew vegetable garden (try it, addictive!)
  • Realized my mother was not crazy reading on positive thinking, self-help books when I was a teenager! Now I am reading them. Thanks mom!
  • Speak and Present at workplaces to staff, various fitness topics (thank you St. Edward’s Elementary School  Speak offs, I never forgot)
  • Met so many trainers, people, clients, friends through trainings, classes, workshops and races.
  • I became an avid reader.
  • Enthusiastic volunteer, “you get what you give”
  • Started to dye my hair which is now turning grey only to reflect and be thankful I am alive and healthy!
  • I count my blessings every day! SIF clients taught me through their journeys the strategies to be grateful.
  • Raising my children  Kathleen (1994) and Ricky (2002) who I am proud to say are super independent!

Most importantly, I get to work with my SISTER!